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Brand New ‘Audio Suite’

For Video Creators & Agencies

No technical skills required, simply click, download & create incredible sounding

videos! Fully licensed and royalty-free for your peace of mind.

But royalty-free audio is expensive…
You want your videos to keep your viewers engaged into your message, and quality audio does just that…

But royalty-free audio tracks are expensive. Just take a look at sites like shutterstock, Pond5 or audiojungle and you‘ll be paying $20 – $50+ per track.

I know this from personal experience having purchased over $1,000 worth of audio from stock sites like these.

Yeah… It was a shock to me after I did the math.

It all adds up… Every-time you need a new track.

And even after you’ve purchased a standard license, you’re usually only allowed to use it in one end video.

So expect to purchase an enhanced license for $200+ if you’d like to use it in multiple videos without a limit in views or where you can use your track.

That just isn’t the way it should be right?

And using unlicensed audio will get your YouTube account banned.

Using unlicensed audio in your video’s is against YouTube’s terms and is getting

many people’s YouTube’s accounts shutdown.

Often without warning.

Take one of the biggest kids’ YouTube channels “Vladscrazyshow” for instance…

They had OVER 8.5 million subscribers,

ad revenue, then in November 2017 their channel got terminated for infringements with

YouTube’s guidelines.

It’s safe to say, YouTube doesn’t mess around with copyright infringements.

And if you want to actually sell videos to clients, you MUST have licensed audio

as this can also affect not just you but also your clients.

So it’s absolutely essential you have royalty-free licensed audio if you are

using video or plan to use video in your business.

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